Geon Wireless Communication in the Brain
II. Quantum Information Processing



This paper shows that the mind could use quantum bits (qubits) to encode and process information. These qubits are implemented by polarized electromagnetic waves (photons) emitted from ions as they pass through ion channels, similar to the electrons oscillating in an antenna. Experiments have demonstrated that the gravitational force plays a critical role in quantum entanglement and the formation of a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC). The BEC has been proposed to overcome the decoherence problem in quantum computing. According to physical laws, the accelerated motion of ions in ion channels can also radiate gravitational waves which may facilitate quantum entanglement of qubits as well as the formation of BEC. In physics, the BEC of gravitational and electromagnetic waves is also known as a "geon" which could be the mind and the origin of consciousness.


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