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Figure 4. The organization of the bulk universe. The bulk universe has ten dimensions of space, containing numerous sub-universes called "branes". Our brane has three dimensions of space, consisting of approximately 170 billion galaxies. The number of stars in each galaxy ranges from ten million to a hundred trillion. Before the advent of the String Theory, our brane was thought to be the entire universe.

Theologians have long suspected that God could live in a higher dimensional space. This view is now supported by the String Theory. To be sure, the String Theory is not a theological theory, but a bona fide scientific theory developed to unify all four fundamental physical forces: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces. The most revolutionary discovery of the String Theory is that our three dimensional (3D) world is not the entire universe. Rather, it is located within a ten dimensional (10) space, analogous to a computer screen (2D) within a house (3D).

The String Theory suggests that the entire universe (called bulk universe) may contain numerous sub-universes. Each sub-universe is called a "brane" or "braneworld" with up to nine dimensions of space. Our 3D world is one of these branes. Thus, the String Theory allows us to define "Heaven" as the 10D space outside of any brane. God, angles, and resurrected beings could reside in the 10D space.