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Figure 1. Our Lady of Guadalupe, with an aura that resembles a gravitational geon. [Source: Wikipedia]

For thousands of years, the soul has been considered as a spirit, or a supernatural entity outside the realm of science. This booklet presents evidence that the soul could be a physical entity known as the gravitational geon which comprises only gravitational (GR) waves.

GR waves are the dynamic change of fields that carry energy. Therefore, the gravitational geon is a kind of "energy field", a term commonly used by spiritual writers to describe the soul and other spirits. A geon can be created by synchronized brain activities. The geon created by a healthy brain may be defined as the mind, whereas the soul is created by a dying brain.

The gravitational geon resembles an "aura" in that both are the energy field surrounding a person (Figure 1). Free GR waves will travel at the speed of light, but a gravitational geon contains huge number of GR waves that are bound around a person. It cannot be seen or detected by current technology.