Geon Scientific Evidence of the Soul


This book presents evidence that the soul could be a physical entity known as the gravitational geon, which comprises only gravitational waves.

1. Introduction

2. Soul vs. Spirit

3. Three Characteristics of a Soul

4. Where is Heaven?

5. Open vs. Closed String

6. Why Can't We See God?

7. Soul Must be a Gravitational Geon

8. The Origin of Gravity

9. Gravitational Waves

10. Creation of a Gravitational Geon

11. Brain Waves

12. Standstill by Standing Waves

13. Binding by Synchrony

14. Geon is Created by Alpha Waves

15. How Radio Signals are Received

16. How Sensory Inputs are Perceived

17. The Secret of Frequency Doubling

18. Receiving Messages from Heaven

19. The Brain without Oxygen Supply

20. The End-of-Life EEG Surge

21. Out-of-Body Experience

22. Die to Remember

23. Is the Soul Immortal?

24. "Lord Jesus, Receive My Spirit"


Author: Frank Lee