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The previous article proposes that the mind could consist of electromagnetic (EM) and gravitational (GR) waves generated by neural activities. The EM waves are responsible for the mind-brain interaction while the GR waves may bind together to form a bound state known as the gravitational geon, which could be the origin of consciousness (see The Hard Problem of Consciousness).

A free GR wave, like a free EM wave, propagates at the speed of light. Therefore, certain mechanisms must at work to assemble a huge number of GR waves into a bound state. Conceivable mechanisms include:


Figure 1. Classification of regions based on their distances from the transmitting antenna. The nearest region, within 1∕2π (= 0.159) times the wavelength, is called the reactive region in which the EM energy does not propagate away immediately. [Image source: US Department of Labor]

Furthermore, the antenna theory has revealed that, within the "reactive region" (Figure 1), the interaction is very complex so that the EM energy does not propagate away immediately. The gravitational interaction, through the formation of standing waves and GR binding, may also cause the GR energy to briefly localize in the reactive region. This localized GR energy is the gravitational geon. Hence, the size of a gravitational geon is likely to be the same as the reactive region. For EM interaction, the radius of the reactive region is known to be 1∕2π (= 0.159) times the wavelength. The frequency of the EM waves radiated from ionic fluxes as they pass through ion channels can be estimated from single channel currents. The result is roughly 10 MHz (see this article), corresponding to the wavelength of 30 meters.

It is unclear if the reactive region for GR interaction is also given by 1∕2π times the wavelength. Suppose it is, then the radius of a gravitational geon created by the brain should be around 0.159 x 30 m = 5 m. This value is consistent with the "out-of-body experience" in which a near-death person can perceive the objects in the entire operating room. For more information, please see What is the Soul?


Author: Frank Lee
Last updated: January 5, 2018