Geon Frontiers in Microtubules



1. Introduction to Microtubules

2. Microtubules at the Axon Initial Segment

3. Extracellular Electric Fields, LFP, EEG and MEG

4. Ephaptic Coupling via Extracellular Electric Fields

5. Signal Amplification by Microtubules

6. Wireless Communication in the Brain

7. Microtubules as the Receiving Antennas

8. The Role of Gap Junctions in Local Synchronization

9. The Mechanism of Long Range Synchronization

10. Working Memory may Reside in Extracellular Electric Fields

11. The Role of Tubulin in Seizure Termination

12. The Role of Microtubule Invasion into Spines

13. Long-Term Memory may Reside in Microtubule Tracks

14. The Targeted Transport of PSD-95

15. Ultrasound Stimulation and the Positive Effects of EM waves

16. How Cellphone Use May Cause Cancer

17. How Cellphone Use May Impair Sperms

18. How Cellphone Use May Cause ADHD