Geon Frank Lee


Frank Lee is a science writer, specializing in biophysics. His major works are listed below.


The Origin of Consciousness

Alzheimer's Disease

  • Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders may arise from a common pathogenic cascade: BDNF deficiency > miR-132 down-regulation > Tau level up > Hyperexcitability > Calcium overload. Over-production of Tau proteins has been demonstrated to cause hyperexcitability (see The Role of Microtubules in Epilepsy). The activation of mTOR promotes Tau production. Therefore, mTOR activation enhances excitability. This novel mechanism is now well-documented (see Epilepsy and mTOR). The model agrees with the hyperfunction theory of aging and explains why mTOR plays a crucial role in aging.

Science + Religion

According to the String Theory, our three dimensional (3D) world is inside a 10D space. The String Theory has been able to unify all four fundamental forces in the universe: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces. It may also unify science with religion by assuming God lives in the 10D space.

Why Can't We See God - A scientific explanation

  • The String Theory shows that the electromagnetic (EM) waves cannot escape from the 3D world. Therefore, it is impossible for us to use EM waves (which include visible light) to detect the existence of God if He lives in the 10 space.

Scientific Evidence of a Soul

  • The String Theory further shows that the ONLY thing in our 3D world capable of entering the 10D space is the gravitational waves. Hence, for the soul to enter the Kingdom of God, it must be composed of gravitational waves only. In physics, such entity is known as a gravitational geon, which could be created by global synchronization of alpha oscillations.

Ebook Apps

Frank also has some background in computer programming. The BSON Books Viewer (formerly Web Books Viewer) and Math Ebook Viewer were developed in his spare time between 2010 and 2014. These viewers can handle complex formatting, mathematical equations, multimedia and interactive activities.