Geon Frank Lee


Frank Lee has educational background in control engineering, physics, chemical physics and biological physics. He has published a few papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including four papers on the gating mechanisms of ion channels. The combined background in engineering, physics and biology, together with specialty in ion channels, stimulated the idea that ion channels might act as "transmitting antennas" for wireless communication in the brain.

Frank is a Christian. He strongly believes in the existence of God and soul. However, being trained in physics, he would like to think of God and soul from a scientific perspective, such as the view described in the article, "Why Can't We See God - A scientific explanation" (posted on Easter, 2005). The understanding of why we can't see God strengthens his belief that God does exist, most likely in the 10 dimensional (10D) space.

Then, what is the soul? It is generally accepted that the soul is something that can enter the Kingdom of God. If God lives in the 10D space, this means that the soul must be an entity that can enter 10D space. According to the String Theory, our 3D world is located inside a 10D space. Virtually everything that we know of are trapped in the 3D space. The ONLY exception is the gravitational waves which are capable of escaping 3D world and entering 10D space (see Open vs. Closed String). Hence, for the soul to enter the Kingdom of God, it must be composed of gravitational waves only. In physics, such entity is known as a gravitational geon. This is why in 2012 Frank created the website,, for scientific exploration of our soul.

Although the soul is very likely to be a gravitational geon, there are still many unanswered questions. The free gravitational waves, like electromagnetic waves, propagate at the speed of light. How can they bind together to form a geon? Where do these gravitational waves come from? What is the difference between soul and mind? Is the mind a separate entity from the brain? The soul should contain life history to identify a person, distinguishing it from all other people's souls. But how can the information about an individual's life history be incorporated into the gravitational geon representing his or her own soul?

Confucius said, "How can you know what death is before knowing what life is? (未知生,焉知死)" To have a deep understanding of the soul, we should know first what the mind (or consciousness) is and how the living brain works. The above questions are discussed briefly in these articles:

and at length in the following books: