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In the neuroscience textbook, it is stated that action potentials (APs) are generated by the summation of EPSPs. Recent studies have discovered that the generation of APs (represented by vertical lines in the above figure) in memory storing neurons depends primarily on the NMDA plateau which corresponds to the UP state of the slow oscillation. Hence memory extinction and retrieval could be fundamentally governed by the NMDA plateau. Details are presented in the book:


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Image For thousands of years, the soul has been considered as a supernatural entity ouside the realm of science. This book suggests that the soul could be a physical entity known as the gravitational geon which is likely to be the origin of consciousness. A living brain may create the gravitational geon that constitutes the conscious part of the mind whereas the gravitational geon (soul) created by a dying brain exhibits out-of-body experience. The size of a soul geon is estimated to be about 5 meters in radius.